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Shlomo Mendlovic, M.Sc. MD PhD , M.H.A

Lab Director

Shlomo is the Director of the Shalvata Mental Health Center. He completed his MSc and PhD theses at Weizmann Institute of Science, his MD at Tel Aviv University, and his MHA at Bar Ilan University. During the past decade, he is strongly invested in the field of the meta-theory of psychotherapy. Shlomo published three books: "A Mind to be Touched" (Dyonon Press, Tel Aviv University, 2005) is an introductory book that tracks the post-modern nature of contemporary psychoanalytic theories; "On the Social Order of the Multiple Selves" (Resling, 2009) maps the post-modern crisis of psychoanalysis, defines criteria for its solution, and proposes a provocative model in which multiple selves are organized in a social order; and "I Singular-Plural: Space, Content and Order in the World of the Multiple Selves" (Tel-Aviv University Press, 2015) elaborated on the post-post-modern conceptualization of psychoanalysis and proposes a novel research tool (the MATRIX) studying psychotherapy.




Amit Saad, MD.PhD

Senior Investigator

Amit is a senior psychiatrist and a psychotherapist working as the deputy director of the day-care ward at Shalvata Mental Health Centre. He is also a third year student at Tel-Aviv University School of Psychotherapy. Amit earned his MD at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. He also holds MA (Ben-Gurion University) and PhD (Haifa University) in Philosophy and did one year of postdoc research at Oxford University working on questions in the Philosophy of Language and Mind, and in the Philosophy of Mathematics, focusing mainly on Wittgenstein, under the supervision of P.M.S. Hacker. Amit currently participates in various research projects among which are developing models for analysing meta-analyses (in collaboration with Prof. Gordon Guyatt and Prof. Daniel Yekutieli), working on models on the Logic of the Unconscious and philosophical questions concerning the foundations of psychoanalysis. His wife complains he devotes too much time for research. He does not agree.



Mor Bar, M.A

Project Manager (Doctoral Student)

Mor is a doctoral student at Tel-Aviv University, under the supervision of Dr. Shlomo Mendlovic. She is currently completing her clinical internship in the psychiatric division of Sheba Medical Center. Mor received her B.A in psychology & philosophy from Tel-Aviv University and her M.A in clinical psychology from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. In recent years, she has published several peer-reviewed papers ​in reputed international journals. Her current post-graduate research explores the process and outcome of psychoanalytic psychotherapy using advanced Machine-Learning analysis. In the past, Mor served as a research coordinator in the "Behavioral Neurogenetics Lab" within the Department of Child Psychiatry, Sheba Medical Center. Some of her past areas of interest are personality predisposition for psychopathology, prodromal symptoms of schizophrenia, sleep and ADHD. 



Tamir Gour

Data Manager  (Research Assistant)

Tamir is currently studying in Tel-Aviv University for his B.A. in psychology & sociology. He is one of our top MATRIX coders. 



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Sappir Saad, B.A

Research Assistant

Sappir completed her B.A. in Psychology and Education at Ben Gurion University of the Negev. During her studies for the first degree, she worked as a research assistant in the "Cognitive Neuropsychology Lab", where she examined the effects of changes in hormone levels during the menstrual cycle on women's attention. In addition, she studied the influence of parental reactions on adolescents' risk behavior. Sappir is currently pursuing her M.A. in clinical psychology at Ben Gurion University, and is a teaching assistant for a course in Abnormal Psychology. Her thesis focuses on the relationship between parental cognitive and emotional empathy and the child’s empathy as mediated by parental emotional language.



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Hagar Lavon, B.A.

Research Assistant

Hagar completed her B.A. in Psychology with honors and her L.L.B. in Law in 2016 from The Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya (IDC). She currently volunteers as a guide for refugee children, helping them overcome day to day challenges as part of the Municipal educational psychology services.




Yair Wairauch

Research Assistant

Yair is currently finishing his B.A. in biology & psychology at Tel-Aviv University. He is also serving as an attendant in the Parental Guidance Clinic at Schneider hospital, working with children with ADHD.




Shachar Yalon

Research Assistant

Shachar is currently studying at Tel-Aviv University for his B.A. in psychology & sociology.



מאיה לוי.jpg

Maya Levy

Research Assistant

Maya is currently studying at Tel-Aviv University for her B.A in psychology and humanities.

תמונה לירון1.jpg

Liron Radian

Research Assistant

Liron completed her B.A. in psychology and Humanities (Amirim Interdisciplinary Honors Program) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Gali Jaffe

Research Assistant

Gali is currently studying at Tel-Aviv University for her B.A in psychology & sociology.


Saed Mar'I, MSc

Fellow Researcher and Bio-Statistics Expert

Saed is a senior nurse and the coordinator of Risk Management and Quality Assurance Unit at the Shalvata Mental Health Center. With a qualified expertise in psychiatric nursing, Saed was the Director of Nursing in the closed ward of the Center. As part of his duties, Saed developed the first de-escalation program, which dramatically reduced the number of physical restriction of psychiatric patients. This program, initiated by Saed in 1998, is currently adopted by many psychiatric centers. In the past few years, Saed has been involved in clinical research activities. With an MSc in epidemiology and biostatistics from the Hebrew University, Saed is involved in most of the research which has complex statistical processing and analysis that is done in the Center.


Noga Baron, M.A

Doctoral Student

Noga is a clinical psychologist and a PhD student at the Department of Psychology at Bar-Ilan university, in the Psychotherapy Research Lab under the supervision of Dr. Dana Atzil-Slonim. She received her B.A. from Bar-Ilan university in the Neuroscience program and her M.A. in clinical psychology from the Hebrew university. Noga has completed her clinical internship at the Herzog mental health center in Jerusalem and has worked as a psychologist in a “Clalit” mental health center, as well as in a private clinic. Noga is especially interested in the therapeutic relationship and in the different parameters that effect it and are effected by it. In her research she uses the MATRIX in order to explore moment by moment processes that lead to better therapeutic relationship and in turn to better treatment outcome.


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